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Friday Foodie Find: Sciue Italian Bakery Caffe

7 May

Do you ever find that you go to places, but only have time (or room in your stomach) for a quick snack or nibble? I find a lot of amazing restaurants, bakeries, dives and everything in-between like that, and I always seem to lose my way back to them. Here’s hoping blogging about my Foodie Find will solve that problem. Call it your foodie ramp up for a delicious weekend :-)

Sciue Italian Bakery Caffe

110-800 West Pender St. (Pender @Howe)
Vancouver, BC


162 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC

I came here for lunch with a co-worker. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Sciue sold great pizza’s by the pound. Yes, you read that right. By the pound. And yes, I’m talking about cooked pizza’s with the toppings and everything all ready to go.

According to their website, they serve “Roman Street Food” good and fast. In fact Sciue (pronounced “Shoe-eh”) is Napalese slang for “good and fast.”

How it works is all the pizza’s come in a long, rectangular shape. You simply point to which one you want and your server will cut the piece to however large or small you want it to be (keep in mind, he’ll also cut it into smaller squares for easier eating). There were lots of interesting toppings, many I’d never seen before: boccocini and tomato salad (yep, SALAD. On a pizza!), salmon salad, three mushrooms, Italian sausage, roasted onion…I believe the options change daily, so you’ll always get a nice variety.

I ended up with the roasted onion and Italian sausage.

(l-r) Roasted Onion and Italian Sausage

Sciue’s pizza’s come with a great thin crust and yummy tomato sauce base. The Italian sausage had lots of flavor, but I especially liked the roasted onion. It was sweet and tasted very much like French onion soup. I’ve never had anything like it and really enjoyed every bite.

Sciue also offers some great looking panini’, pasta, Italian pastries and other traditional dishes. On my next visit, I’m definitely planning on getting the “Taormina”, a panini filled with avocado, portabello mushrooms, prosciutto and boccoini. Yum!