Ginger ain’t just a hair color

22 Dec

Season’s greetings!  I checked out the annual “Gingerbread Lane” at the Hyatt Vancouver hotel recently. I’ve always had a fascination with building things, which goes back to my Lego loving days (aka to this very day), and given that gingerbread houses are pretty much edible Lego, I absolutely love making gingerbread houses.

There was no time to make a house this year, but here’s a blurry image of one from 2008:

I was pretty proud of my pretzel balcony and Crunch bar door, but the displays at “Gingerbread Lane” kicked my gingerbread Lego butt. For one, these aren’t even dinky houses anymore. The top one was from the secondary school division and the bottom picture is from the kids at Vancouver Community College (aka THE PROS)

And when you get down to it, it really is all about the details. I love the cyclops chicken and kind of hope that his one-eyedness was done on purpose.

Maybe next Christmas, I’ll find a Mr. Miyagi to my Gingerbread Kid, and upgrade to some gingerbread mansion real estate…

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