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Taste the World

20 Jan

I got to check out the media preview for “Taste the World” last week at Calabash Bistro. Above is a yummy Spiced Red Snapper dish that we were served. The batter for the fish was very flavorful and slightly spicy, which I really enjoyed. Read about my experience and find out what other tasty treats will be at  this upcoming event!

Photo Credit: Noam Dehan

Ginger ain’t just a hair color

22 Dec

Season’s greetings!  I checked out the annual “Gingerbread Lane” at the Hyatt Vancouver hotel recently. I’ve always had a fascination with building things, which goes back to my Lego loving days (aka to this very day), and given that gingerbread houses are pretty much edible Lego, I absolutely love making gingerbread houses.

There was no time to make a house this year, but here’s a blurry image of one from 2008:

I was pretty proud of my pretzel balcony and Crunch bar door, but the displays at “Gingerbread Lane” kicked my gingerbread Lego butt. For one, these aren’t even dinky houses anymore. The top one was from the secondary school division and the bottom picture is from the kids at Vancouver Community College (aka THE PROS)

And when you get down to it, it really is all about the details. I love the cyclops chicken and kind of hope that his one-eyedness was done on purpose.

Maybe next Christmas, I’ll find a Mr. Miyagi to my Gingerbread Kid, and upgrade to some gingerbread mansion real estate…

I heart work

8 Dec

Because we do something awesome like an Apple Cider Party and Cookie Exchange during the holidays.What’s that? Your place of employment doesn’t do one?

Fret not. You too can partake in office sugar high merriment this season. It’s as simple as:

1. Find someone in your office crafty enough to make yummy apple cider.

2. Turn your lunch room into a holiday buffet with traditional teats like pannetone bread, Mandarin organges and fruit cake (not always a treat).

3. Throw in a yuletide ringer like homemade Indian samosas

4. Bake 20 cookies to share and receive 20 other cookies back.

5. Try not to pass the rest of the day noshing on your cookie stash (gotta save some for Christmas after all!)

Oh, what did I make? My favorite go-to cookie, of course: the Chocolate Caramel Cookie

Urban Glamour Market

6 Dec

Last week, I attended the Urban Glamour Market at Terracotta Modern Chinese. There was beautiful jewelery, clothing and a photobooth to keep everyone merry and entertained. I also met VckyStxx who turns her doodles into fun and hilarious cards and buttons. The best part of all was Lollicakes by a gal named Kaitlin:

There was the Chocolate Christmas tree, Red Velvet Ornament, Vanilla Snowball (with the sugar topping), and Gingerbread Candy Cane. The inside cake was moist and thick, while the icing shell added the perfect amount of sweetness. Every bite was a decadent treat of absolute deliciousness- especially the Red Velvet Ornament.

Happy Holidays!

CRAVE Vancouver Book Launch

24 Nov

Last week, I went to the launch party for the 3rd edition of CRAVE Vancouver. It was a night to celebrate the over 500 local women entrepreneurs featured in the book- and needless to say, it was also a night filled with events to satisfy every CRAVE-ing.

You could have your eyebrows expertly tinted by Bombay Brow Bar, put on some pretty polish with She to Shic, or glam up with fake lashes from Wink Beauty Lounge…and that’s just a FEW of the featured CRAVE entrepreneurs and vendors that were at the event.

While not a food event specifically, I did spot lots of tasty goodies lying around ready for me to prey on:

Cookies by Steveston Cookie Company (featured CRAVE entrepreneur)

Candy by Frankie’s Candy Bar (featured CRAVE entrepreneur)

Chocolates by My Chocolate Tree (featured CRAVE entrepreneur)

I was also happy to see two of my fave gals at the event @kristieyung and @yellowrainbootz

Event: Peake of Catering Fall 2010 Tasting

8 Nov

Two weeks ago, I was invited to attend the tasting for Peake of Catering’s Fall/Winter 2010 menu at Five Sixty Club. First of all, let me say that 560 is a really cool venue. This was my fourth event here and it amazes me the different ways the seven hundred rooms can be used (okay, not really seven hundred, but there are A LOT of rooms).

I took @followmefoodie as my date and we were pretty much in heaven with all the delicious, free hor d’oeuvres coming at us from all directions.

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Halloween Candy: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

28 Oct

With Halloween only a few days away, I thought it’d be fun to rank the candies and treats that I really loved getting in my pumpkin shaped candy bucket (yup, you know the one I’m talking about!). In no particular order:

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