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Friday Foodie Find: Urban Tea Merchant

11 Jun

Do you ever find that you go to places, but only have time (or room in your stomach) for a quick snack or nibble? I find a lot of amazing restaurants, bakeries, dives and everything in-between like that, and I always seem to lose my way back to them. Here’s hoping blogging about my Foodie Find will solve that problem. Call it your foodie ramp up for a delicious weekend :-)

Urban Tea Merchant

1070 West Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC V6E 2Y2

I had a gift certificate from work for a free tea latte from the Urban Tea Merchant, and I couldn’t wait to use it!

I got the Tribute Black Tea. It was seriously the best tea latte I’ve EVER had. It was lightly sweetened thanks to a nice blend of marzipan and chocolate. Whoever thought to use marzipan in tea is a genius. I’ve been aching to go back and get another cup (or five) of this brew since.

My gift certificate also came with a free Charbonnel et Walker Truffle- a lovely UK product. The chocolate was blended with champagne and wrapped in a strawberry coating. It was a heavenly, rich bite that I regretfully ate way too fast. *drool*