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Friday Foodie Find: Sushi Garden

21 May

Do you ever find that you go to places, but only have time (or room in your stomach) for a quick snack or nibble? I find a lot of amazing restaurants, bakeries, dives and everything in-between like that, and I always seem to lose my way back to them. Here’s hoping blogging about my Foodie Find will solve that problem. Call it your foodie ramp up for a delicious weekend :-)

Sushi Garden

4635 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5H2B3
(604) 436-0104


4269 Lougheed Hwy
Burnaby, BC V5C3Y6
(604) 294-0104

This is a special FFF because I’ve actually been to this place more than once (you can’t keep me away actually). Sushi Garden is one of my favorite Japanese restaurants and it’s all because of their amazing Alaska Roll.

Alsaka Roll

In case you’re wondering Alaska rolls are basically Avocado Rolls with a fresh slice of salmon on top. It comes with this amazing sauce that I’ve never found on any other Alaska Roll at any other sushi joint. I usually pair it with some Gomae (steamed spinach with peanut sauce) and if I’m really hungry, a Spicy Tuna Roll.

Be sure to come before 6pm, especially on weekends as the line up usually gets pretty insane. That said, the service is can be bad (Brentwood is the worst. It took 30 mins to get SALMON SASHIMI!!)- probably because they have huge volumes of people in in the restaurant at any given time (at the Kingsway location anyway, Brentwood location has no excuse). If you can, just get take out and enjoy the sushi goodness (because the food really is GOOD) in the comfort and calm of home.