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Tokyo Joe’s

2 Oct

Tokyo Joe’s

8211 Ackroyd Rd
Richmond, BC
(604) 273-3868

Usually open from 10am-9pm everyday.

I’ve been meaning to write about Tokyo Joe’s for awhile now. Located across the street from Save-On Foods, it can be easy to dismiss this as just another sushi place. In fact, I’d been going to the Save-On for months before I actually decided to grab some take-out from here one day. I hope if you’re reading this, you won’t make the same mistake I did and deprive yourself of the sushi goodness masterfully prepared by Jun and her team.

A great place for dine in and take out, they do sushi so well here. Everything I’ve ever had tastes amazing! I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with Jun, the lady in charge of Tokyo Joe’s. She’s a bubbly, energetic woman who always goes the extra mile for her customers and who probably infuses a lot of good old fashioned love into her food. Nom.

KB: Thanks to Ben from Chowtimes for sending me this. Next time you’re in Richmond, look out for Tokyo Joe’s

Volcano Roll ($9.50 for 8 pieces)

My fave roll. California roll on the bottom and spicy tuna on top. It’s got the right amount of spicy sauce, mayo creaminess, and sweet crab taste that perfectly balances out the spicy tuna.

TJ Garden Roll ($7.50 for 8 pieces)

Really delicious and good for you too. This is a great vegetarian-friendly roll. It’s on the “Famous Roll” list and is made with yam tempura on the inside and avocado on the outside. Topping it is a Pacific Green Salad, which is simply marinated seaweed with sesame seeds on top.

Gomae ($3.25)

Spinach salad mixed with a sesame paste based sauce. It’s not very special or different from what other sushi joints offer, but it was made well and I enjoyed it.

Spicy Salmon Don ($10.95)

The spicy salmon was so good! You get a lot of pieces for your money (around 12-15 pcs I’d say) and tons of sushi rice as well.