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Friday Foodie Find: Meat and Bread

24 Dec

Meat and Bread

370 Cambie Street

Monday-Saturday: 11am-5pm

Sandwiches and I go back a long time. My earliest memory of our blossoming relationship was from the kindergarten days, when my mom used to pack me a PB&J packaged lovingly in plastic wrap and packed away in my Power Rangers lunch box (blue, if I remember correctly). Oh how the times have changed. Two decades and some years later, I now feast on these babies:

This is the porchetta pork sandwich from Vancouver’s new sandwich shop- Meat and Bread. In it’s natural form, it looks even more delicious (um, hello cracklins’!):

Don’t forget to top to your taste with the house sambal and mustard sauces. I’ll take everything to go please. Now if only I still had my Power Rangers lunch box to carry it all out in…