Start the Day Right

10 Dec

After a run last week, I felt like trying my hand at making eggs benedict for breakfast. I love eggs benedict, but the only other time I’ve made it, I curdled the sauce and broke several eggs before I could get them out of the water (slippery little buggers). Looks like I finally conquered this one though:

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I heart work

8 Dec

Because we do something awesome like an Apple Cider Party and Cookie Exchange during the holidays.What’s that? Your place of employment doesn’t do one?

Fret not. You too can partake in office sugar high merriment this season. It’s as simple as:

1. Find someone in your office crafty enough to make yummy apple cider.

2. Turn your lunch room into a holiday buffet with traditional teats like pannetone bread, Mandarin organges and fruit cake (not always a treat).

3. Throw in a yuletide ringer like homemade Indian samosas

4. Bake 20 cookies to share and receive 20 other cookies back.

5. Try not to pass the rest of the day noshing on your cookie stash (gotta save some for Christmas after all!)

Oh, what did I make? My favorite go-to cookie, of course: the Chocolate Caramel Cookie

Drink and Be Merry

8 Dec

I went to the Fine Finds/Vasanji Holiday Party last week and couldn’t get enough of this lovely drink concocted with champagne and Wild Hibiscus Flowers in syrup:

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Urban Glamour Market

6 Dec

Last week, I attended the Urban Glamour Market at Terracotta Modern Chinese. There was beautiful jewelery, clothing and a photobooth to keep everyone merry and entertained. I also met VckyStxx who turns her doodles into fun and hilarious cards and buttons. The best part of all was Lollicakes by a gal named Kaitlin:

There was the Chocolate Christmas tree, Red Velvet Ornament, Vanilla Snowball (with the sugar topping), and Gingerbread Candy Cane. The inside cake was moist and thick, while the icing shell added the perfect amount of sweetness. Every bite was a decadent treat of absolute deliciousness- especially the Red Velvet Ornament.

Happy Holidays!

Chicken Katsudon

6 Dec

It may look like katsudon takes hours to make, but it’s a surprisingly easy dinner dish that will be sure to impress anyone you serve it to. Click “Continue Reading” to see the recipe.

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Taco Time

3 Dec

Cold days not only have me reaching for my mittens and wool scarves, but also foods that remind me of warmer days. Enter the Mexican fiesta…

Tomato salsa with corn and a kick of jalapeno

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Friday Foodie Find: Cattle Cafe

3 Dec

Cattle Cafe

2 locations- I went to this one:

4883 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

On a blustery, winter day, which would you rather have?

Malay Laksa Soup with rice noodles, chicken balls, enoki mushrooms and assorted vegetables

OR Thai Tom Yum Soup with rice noodles, beef brisket, specialty sausage (similar to Taiwanese sausage) and assorted vegetables

HINT: Both are absolutely delicious- bring a friend so you don’t have to decide. Sharing is caring!