Event: Peake of Catering Fall 2010 Tasting

8 Nov

Two weeks ago, I was invited to attend the tasting for Peake of Catering’s Fall/Winter 2010 menu at Five Sixty Club. First of all, let me say that 560 is a really cool venue. This was my fourth event here and it amazes me the different ways the seven hundred rooms can be used (okay, not really seven hundred, but there are A LOT of rooms).

I took @followmefoodie as my date and we were pretty much in heaven with all the delicious, free hor d’oeuvres coming at us from all directions.

Here are some of the things we tried:

Grilled Cheese Please! menu: Nutella, Strawberry and Jalapeno Jack; Apricot and Brie; Pistachio Pesto, Sun Dried Figs, Apple Cinnamon and Cheddar

It was surprising to find sandwiches at the tasting, but they were easily our favourite foods there. I LOVED the Pistachio Pesto combo and well, you can’t really go wrong with Brie in anything in my opinion. My only comment is that the Jalapeno Jack cheese did nothing to alter the way Nutella and Strawberry tastes together.

Above: Pork Belly and Yam Strips

Unfortunately, the pork belly was dried out, but the yam toppings were nice and crispy.

Above: Mission Figs wrapped in Prosciutto

Classic and delicious. The figs were sweet and matched the salty prosciutto perfectly.

Chasing the Dragon menu: Tuna, Salmon and Scallops seared on dry ice and topped with choice of sauces: Jalapeno Mignonette, Thai Orange Sauce, Fire Roasted Pineapple, and Balsamic Mint

I thought this set-up was really cool and unique. The chef sears the seafood along with either vodka or gin. Too bad the dry ice made the seafood chewy and in a weird place between soft and hard. I think the seafood would’ve been better if it’d been seared for a quick second, so it still stayed soft like sashimi. I liked the Balsamic Mint sauce the best.

Turkey-Tini menu: Beet mash, Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Orange Compote, Root vegetables, Pan Roasted gravy, Blue Cheese Coulis

I enjoyed this turkey dinner in a martini glass. It was warm, comforting and classically tasty.

Above: Cream Cheese spread around a grape and wrapped with salmon fillet; Duck and blueberry tart

Hi, salmon wrapped around a ball of cheese? Yeah, definitely liked this. On the other hand, the duck was dry and the overall tart lacked flavour.

Above: Mushroom soup

This was amazing and it tasted great with that yummy Pistachio Pesto sandwich too.

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