Friday Foodie Find: Raw Canvas

30 Jul

Do you ever find that you go to places, but only have time (or room in your stomach) for a quick snack or nibble? I find a lot of amazing restaurants, bakeries, dives and everything in-between like that, and I always seem to lose my way back to them. Here’s hoping blogging about my Foodie Find will solve that problem. Call it your foodie ramp up for a delicious weekend :-)

Raw Canvas

1046 Hamilton St.
Vancouver, BC

Monday-Friday: 4pm-late

Saturday-Sunday: 1pm-late

Raw Canvas is a unique lounge fast becoming a popular Yaletown hot spot. It’s a tapas lounge, wine bar, live music venue and art studio all rolled into one. That’s right, it’s a restaurant that doubles as an art studio, where you can enjoy a glass of BC wine while expressing your inner Van Gogh to your heart’s content. With canvas’ starting at $40 and awesome tasting plates to go around, this is a great place to have an interactive birthday party or to get rid of those jitters on a first date.

Top: My tasting plate: vintage 3 year gouda, juniper and elk salami and wild boar salami ($15 for a combo of 3 meats and/or cheeses and 3 condiments.
Bottom: Hummus and pita ($6.50)

I loved everything on my tasting plate. I got the gouda because the menu said it was sweet like butterscotch, and while I can’t agree with this description, I agree that it had a yummy sweet sharpness. The salami’s were great and I definitely recommend trying them. We got the hummus and pita to help fill us up, but unknowingly our tasting plates came with a basket full of soft baguette slices. It looks like a little, but I ended up being happily stuffed for the whole night.

All you have to do is buy the canvas (you can get a small one for about $40) and all the art supplies are provided. Feel free to make as big of a mess as you want, in fact, it was pretty much recommended. There’s also an art teacher around to help you make your doodle a masterpiece.

Our finished products. Won't tell you which one's mine haha

My inner Van Gogh was satisfied by the end and I happily left with only a slight craving for ear…of corn, that is 😉


2 Responses to “Friday Foodie Find: Raw Canvas”

  1. Saschie July 30, 2010 at 3:44 pm #

    MMM Love there! My BF took me there on of our dates. Such a great little place 🙂

    • KayBee August 2, 2010 at 10:39 am #

      Definitely a great date place! I saw quite a few couples when I went there on Friday night lol

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