HST vs. ijustlovefood, Round 1

30 Jun

Tomorrow HST will finally go into effect in British Columbia. This means that many things that we once only paid one tax for, will now get two, more than doubling the tax added to the bill of many of our favorite things. Including food. I’m truly sobbing on the inside at this fact.

Here’s what’s changing:

  • Restaurant food: from 5% to 12% tax
  • Snack food (aka the best things ever!): from 5% to 12% tax
  • Alcohol: from 5% to 12% tax
  • Groceries (aka the necessities that don’t fall under sugary happiness inducing “snack foods”): still no tax whatsoever

Clearly, part of this is a government ploy to encourage people to cook more at home, eat healthier and curb their drinking habits. How very Conservative.

And yet, after I thought about it for awhile, this HST thing on food didn’t seem as bad. Sure, you’ll see less restaurant reviews (and possibly less restaurants in Vancouver– eep!) from me, but that means I’ll probably get better at cooking and baking. Which I’m actually really excited about. I’m even trying out a new recipe tomorrow for a Canada Day BBQ in honour of HST and the holiday…

…then again, paying more to enjoy a Ben and Jerry’s, Almond Pocky and Lays BBQ chips doesn’t sound very appealing either.

How do you think HST going to affect your favorite food and drink obsessions?

Goodbye sweet thang!


One Response to “HST vs. ijustlovefood, Round 1”

  1. KimHo July 7, 2010 at 6:05 am #

    At first I might hold back a little bit (quite “difficult” considering I write!) but, let it pass a month or two, and I won’t even realize/notice it. Yeah, that’s human nature… 😛

    However, one thing that really infuriates me is that the restaurant association is up in arms about this yet they didn’t condemn the practice of some restaurants in the Downtown/Yaletown area where they were enforcing mandatory gratuity during the Olympics. Figure that out…

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