Taste the World

20 Jan

I got to check out the media preview for “Taste the World” last week at Calabash Bistro. Above is a yummy Spiced Red Snapper dish that we were served. The batter for the fish was very flavorful and slightly spicy, which I really enjoyed. Read about my experience and find out what other tasty treats will be at  this upcoming event!

Photo Credit: Noam Dehan


15 Jan

I’ve been obsessed with egg tofu since I had it at a dimsum
place near my house last year. Here I’ve breaded it in rice flour
and fried it, then tossed it with a chicken and vegetable stir

Friday Foodie Find: Meat and Bread

24 Dec

Meat and Bread

370 Cambie Street

Monday-Saturday: 11am-5pm

Sandwiches and I go back a long time. My earliest memory of our blossoming relationship was from the kindergarten days, when my mom used to pack me a PB&J packaged lovingly in plastic wrap and packed away in my Power Rangers lunch box (blue, if I remember correctly). Oh how the times have changed. Two decades and some years later, I now feast on these babies:

This is the porchetta pork sandwich from Vancouver’s new sandwich shop- Meat and Bread. In it’s natural form, it looks even more delicious (um, hello cracklins’!):

Don’t forget to top to your taste with the house sambal and mustard sauces. I’ll take everything to go please. Now if only I still had my Power Rangers lunch box to carry it all out in…

Ginger ain’t just a hair color

22 Dec

Season’s greetings!  I checked out the annual “Gingerbread Lane” at the Hyatt Vancouver hotel recently. I’ve always had a fascination with building things, which goes back to my Lego loving days (aka to this very day), and given that gingerbread houses are pretty much edible Lego, I absolutely love making gingerbread houses.

There was no time to make a house this year, but here’s a blurry image of one from 2008:

I was pretty proud of my pretzel balcony and Crunch bar door, but the displays at “Gingerbread Lane” kicked my gingerbread Lego butt. For one, these aren’t even dinky houses anymore. The top one was from the secondary school division and the bottom picture is from the kids at Vancouver Community College (aka THE PROS)

And when you get down to it, it really is all about the details. I love the cyclops chicken and kind of hope that his one-eyedness was done on purpose.

Maybe next Christmas, I’ll find a Mr. Miyagi to my Gingerbread Kid, and upgrade to some gingerbread mansion real estate…

Expect the Unexpected

21 Dec

Whether it’s the season of giving or any other day of the week, you really just never know what one small action to you will mean to another person. On Twitter last week, I gave a shout out to my two favorite bloggers of the moment (you should follow them too cuz they’re awesome)- @TheAnthology and @amyblogschow.

Only a few hours later, while doing my routine check of Amy’s blog to see what’s new, I saw MY face and the tweet I sent out! Amy wrote about how she was having a less than stellar day, and that seeing my tweet helped to brighten her mood. What an unexpectedly cool way to feel good about social media.

So, what small thing have you done to cheer someone up today?

I Think I’m Turning Japanese

14 Dec

If you live in the city of Vancouver, B.C., then you’re familiar with the infamously delicious Japadog. If not, I feel sorry for you. Truly I do. Because you’ve never bitten into and savored an Oroshi (below) or a Terimayo. Come to Vancouver, send me a message and we’ll fix that right up.


Sugar Rush

14 Dec

It’s been a week since my Holiday Cookie Exchange, and being the diligent food blogger that I am, I ate my way through my 20 cookies in order to accurately report the best cookie of the bunch- Yup, so long bikini bod. Hello, sugar addiction.

And, here’s the winner: A butter cookie wreath, drenched in red sugar drizzled with white icing and topped with festive green and red sprinkles. Did I mention this cookie bribed me with the addition of a sugar cookie Christmas tree?

God, I love the holidays

Start the Day Right

10 Dec

After a run last week, I felt like trying my hand at making eggs benedict for breakfast. I love eggs benedict, but the only other time I’ve made it, I curdled the sauce and broke several eggs before I could get them out of the water (slippery little buggers). Looks like I finally conquered this one though:

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I heart work

8 Dec

Because we do something awesome like an Apple Cider Party and Cookie Exchange during the holidays.What’s that? Your place of employment doesn’t do one?

Fret not. You too can partake in office sugar high merriment this season. It’s as simple as:

1. Find someone in your office crafty enough to make yummy apple cider.

2. Turn your lunch room into a holiday buffet with traditional teats like pannetone bread, Mandarin organges and fruit cake (not always a treat).

3. Throw in a yuletide ringer like homemade Indian samosas

4. Bake 20 cookies to share and receive 20 other cookies back.

5. Try not to pass the rest of the day noshing on your cookie stash (gotta save some for Christmas after all!)

Oh, what did I make? My favorite go-to cookie, of course: the Chocolate Caramel Cookie

Drink and Be Merry

8 Dec

I went to the Fine Finds/Vasanji Holiday Party last week and couldn’t get enough of this lovely drink concocted with champagne and Wild Hibiscus Flowers in syrup:

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